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As the popularity of Rails grows, the number of resources available to learn Rails also grows. One of the best methods that has come about is the use of Screencasts. Screencasts are movies that show the code as you listen to the presenter explain the concepts. Often, they go over material that can be found in books. But presented in this way, it might sink in a little better as you use 2 of your senses to absorb the material.

First, there is a set of excellent FREE screencasts from Ryan Bates at http://railscasts.com. These are short and to the point, often highlighting a new feature. You can have them download to your computer automatically through iTunes (except in China where Feedburner is blocked), or you can download them directly from the website. There is a set dedicated to the new features of Rails 2.1 that deserves to be checked out.

Second, the father of screencasts, @topfunky a.k.a Geoffrey Grosenbach has put together a great set of training materials at peepcode.com. They are not free, but quite affordable at $9 per cast. They are well done, informative, and full of great examples. We have used them to get up to speed on new versions of Rails, and downloaded some of the PDF books. I highly recommend these materials to get more familiar with Rails.

Rails runs on Ruby, and I have found a good set of screencasts that goes into how to program with Ruby. Dave Thomas of The Pragmatic Programmers (author of Agile Web Development with Rails) goes through the basics of the Ruby object model, class inheritance, and meta-programming. This will help you take advantage of the power inherent in Ruby and give you the foundation to understand the Rails framework. These screencasts are $5 each.

If you are interested in Rails and Ruby, I highly recommend using the resources available on the web. Of course you will need to download the tools and start coding yourself as well!

Happy Hacking!

Posted by adevadeh 16 Jun 2008 at 06:47PM


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  1. Gravatar adeh 17 Jun 2008 at 05:28PM
    Hey Geoffrey, I'll admit that you most likely didn't invent the technique, but you are the one who brought them into the limelight :). What do you think about Peepcode content in Chinese?
  2. Gravatar Geoffrey Grosenbach 17 Jun 2008 at 06:05AM
    Thanks for the review! I think that's the first time someone called me the "father of screencasts." ;-)