Join us for the second gzruby meet up!

The second meeting of the gzruby group will be held in the Kudelabs Offices Wed, Sept 21 at 7:30PM.

Anyone in GZ who uses ruby, or is interested in ruby is invited!

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本周三我们将会在老地方(Kudelabs)迎来又一个Rubyist party,大家准备好了吗? 为了照顾大家出行,避开下班高峰期,我们决定这次聚会稍晚(晚7:30)开始, 以便大家就餐,来到后可以直接进入主题进行讨论。 聚会预计持续1.5小时,出去开场介绍和自由讨论之外,应该有一个小时左右留给大家做发言, 目前我们已经有来自Sooyoung团队的Padrino主题,此外我们团队也将带来一个主题, 分享我们项目开发过程中使用的一些gem/工具,现在还留有时间可以准备1-2个主题, 大家有想来做分享的请踊跃回帖阿!

Hi all dear rubyist in GZ, it's party time again!

We'll have the next rubyist party on Wednesday(21th Sept) this week at 7:30 pm, same place at Kudelabs. To make it more convenient to all of us, we decide to get start a little later, so everyone can have dinner before come to the party, then we can get straight into the topics faster. We planned to have the event last in around 1.5 hrs, endding at around 9:00 pm, before everyone is sleepy ;-) besides the introduction/public discuss section, we should have about 1 hours for topics. We've already had Padrino from Sooyoung's team, our team will share a topic, something like "share our toolbox", so we still have time for 1-2 topics, if you have something to share, please post it here :)

Posted by adevadeh 19 Sep 2011 at 08:08AM