gzruby meetup #3

Image of Seb with a slide

Thanks to everyone who attended the gzruby meetup last wednesday night. It was great to get a chance to meet up with our ruby friends and we also met a lot of new people. It‘s exciting to see how the community is growing as we gain new members and introduce more people to the joys of ruby.


The presentations included:


  • Launch of http://gems.gzruby.org, the GZRUBY rubygems mirror
  • Real Life Rails Scaling, by Seb. Scaling your app, your team ... yourself. (slides)
  • method_proxy - some fun with ruby's dynamic programming, by Jev. A look at how we can utilize ruby's meta-programming features to get deep insight into our code. (method_proxy sample code, slides)
  • Cloud Service API design, by Chance Jiang

Really looking forward to the next meeting, planned for Jan 18, 2012! See you all next year.

让我们一起期待下一次gzruby聚会,2012年1月18日(预计)。 明年见!

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Posted by adevadeh 28 Nov 2011 at 03:39AM