GZRuby Graduates to a new Venue - July 17, 7:30PM

After 2 years at the kudelabs office, gzruby has outgrown our humble common room. We have decided to move to a new venue - one with more space, and we think it will be a lot more fun! As always, gzruby is about getting a bunch of people together to talk about what we all do for a living. Its a chance to learn from each other, and find ways to improve our craft. If you are a ruby developer who has never attended, its like finding a new group of friends that you never knew you had.

View the invitation at the gzruby home page

The new venue is close to our office, close to Zhu Jiang New Town, and features hand-crafted beers made by one of Kudelab's former interns!

Posted by adevadeh 10 Jul 2013 at 02:14PM


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