Web Wednesday GZ is back in June!

    Web Wednesday GZ is back in June!

    Phillip Wu, CEO of inforThinker, will bring us a speech about the hottest consumer electronics product: iPad!

    iPad defines a new type of mobile computing devices, which has differentiate itself from smartphones, netbooks and Tablet PCs. Apple also set a very high standard in UI design for the whole industry. What kind of efforts Apple has been made to bring the computers much closer to our daily lives? The speaker has prepared the slides based on what he has learned from WWDC 2010 Session 103, and will tell the UI design principles behind the brilliance of iPad.

    For more information, please visit http://www.kudelabs.com/wwgz/wwgz1006.html

    And for more, we will donate 5 promo codes of a Beauty Clock iPhone app: MMClock! We draw a lottery after the speech. Remember to join us on 30th, June!


    Web Wednesday GZ 在六月份又再卷土重来了!

    吴晓丹,广州顺科软件服务有限公司首席执行官,会 为我们做一个时下最火热的电子产品:iPad的演讲!

    苹果公司的iPad为平板电脑人机交互设计树立标杆,继而开创了 一种区别于智能手机、上网本和Tablet PC的新型便携式计算设备。苹果到底做了哪些努力,使计算设备更融入我们的生活?本次演 讲以2010年苹果全球开发者大会第103节研讨会的讲稿为蓝本,为大家介绍iPad的闪亮之处,以及苹果带来的人机交互设计思想。


    演讲之后,我们更加会捐出iPhone的美女时钟软件:MMClock的5个优惠码。演讲之后,我们会抽出5位幸运儿!记得6月 30日来参加我们的活动啦!

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Web Wednesday March: Making your splash in the iPhone App Store

Web Wednesday March: Making your splash in the iPhone App Store
Web Wednesday三月:在iPhone程序商店中寻找惊喜

iPhone has changed the way we think about cell phones, and with the App Store, a whole new industry has developed within the past 2 years. Apps, especially the game apps make people crazy about them.

iPhone彻底颠覆了我们对手机的看法,过去的两年里应用程序商店作为一种全新的产业进入了 人们的视野。应用程序,特别是游戏应用程序已经让人们为之疯狂。

As more and more Chinese have iPhone, iPhone games have become more and more popular in China. This month’s Web Wednesday, Peter Tam, CTO of iNFOiSLive and Gameislive,  gave us a great speech about the current situation of iPhone App Store in China-market.

由于越来越多的中国人拥有iPhone,iPhone游戏在中国越来越受欢迎。本月的Web Wednesday,我们请来了拉阔资讯有限公司(iNFOiSLive 和Gameislive)的技术总监谭止诚来给我们谈谈中国iPhone应用程序商店的市场现状。

Before start

Peter founded his company with a friend after he got his doctorate in US. His company is an international developing IT outsourcing services provider based on Apple system. They develop software, games and ring tone for mobile phones, especially for iPhone.

Peter在美国博士毕业以后就和朋友创办了自己的公司。这家公司 是一家快速发展的国际化信息技术服务外包公司。他们以苹果系统作为服务平台,为手机,特别是iPhone,设计软件、游戏和铃声。

Peter is talking

Here are some interesting things mentioned by Peter:


iPhone games will be translated into English most of the time, but not into other languages. Games always have English version or its local language + English version. Games with only local language version are very rare. Are all the developers good at English? The fact is most of the users are English users. Of course, even the registration of iPhone developer is in English.

大部分时候,iPhone游戏会被翻译成英文,而不是翻译成其他的语言。大部分游戏都只有英文 版本或者本地语言+英文版本。只有本地语言版本的游戏是非常罕见的。开发者的英文都那么棒吗?其实是因为大部分使用者都是英文使用者。当然了,连 iPhone开发者登记都是使用英文的。



Online mobile RPG is more popular in China than other countries. And RPG games are hard to translate into English.


Some iPhone App development company have a wired strategy. Most of the App’s names starts from character “A”, Awful Hand, Alien Crisis...This is a traditional A naming strategy in these companies. Unfortunately, most iPhone players will search for App by Top10, not by the name sorted.

有些iPhone应用程序开发公司有一个非常古怪的策略。大部分的应用程序的英文名字第一个字母都是A,Awful Hand,Alien Crisis……这是这类公司传统的“A命名策略”。但很不幸的是,大部分的iPhone玩家都是通过搜索应用程序排行榜上前十位来选择游戏的,而不是根据名字。


Peter and audience

Low price and low quality games are on sell in China. The result is losing money and ruining the market.

People like jailbreak game in China.




Q: Once you put the game on App Store, there will be some SHANZHAI appears. Even when you sell weapons, it will be the same. How can you deal with it?

问:当你把游戏防盗应用程序商店里面,你不怕有山寨版出现吗?就算你是卖装备,也是会这样啊。你怎么 解决这个问题呢?

A: We have a certain account to receive the money. If people choose the SHANZHAI version or pay through the SHANZHAI store, they still can not use it. Because our system doesn’t receive the money, so it would not give you anything.

答:我们有固定的账户来收钱的。如果人们玩山寨版,通过山寨商店买装 备,他们仍然不能玩。因为我们的系统没有收到钱,就不会发出指令让你得到任何装备。

Philip is talking

Writer’s Note


Wind of iPhone blew into China a few months ago. More than half audiences of Web Wednesday March have iPhone. Now, you can find more and more guys playing games with iPhone in the metro in the morning. You can find the boys playing Doodle Jump at the lunch time in Kudelabs. That’s why we put this topic on top.

iPhone的热潮几个月前就已经吹到了中国。三月Web Wednesday的活动上,过半数的观众都有iPhone。现在,你会发现越来越多的人在地铁上用iPhone玩游戏。你也会发现Kudelabs的男 孩们在吃午饭的时候都在玩Doodle Jump。这就是我们要讲这个话题的原因。

After a sufficient promotion online, this Web Wednesday was full of audiences. Most of the audiences are developers. And one is the author of Fun Input Toy, a famous free input method of Mac OS, Feng Huajun came and shared with us. We don’t know what would attract them most, technology, iPhone or games. But, no matter what, we are happy to see the family of Web Wednesday grows bigger and bigger.

经过了网络上充分的宣传,这次的Web Wednesday坐满了观众。大部分的人都是开发者。甚至Mac OS著名的免费输入法:F.I.T.(Fun Input Toy)的作者华君也到了现场和我们分享。我们不知道是什么吸引他们来的,是技术,iPhone还是游戏?不过,无论如何,我们都非常高兴看到Web Wednesday大家庭越来越兴旺。

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China EDGE internet for the your iphone

If there is no Wi-Fi available for you to surf Google, you have to use the EDGE/GPRS which provided by China Mobile or China Unicom to do it. If you don't activate any of the below package, it charge you 1RMB/MB when you connect to the internet, so maybe good choice to order one of them if you use such service a lot. The following are the detail of payment of each package.

China Mobile
  • 20 RMB for 300M each month. Want this? Send "BLWHT" to 10086, send "QXWHT" if you want to cancel it.
  • 100 RMB for 1G each month. Want this? Send "GPRS100" to 10086, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it
  • 200 RMB for 2G each month. Want this? Send "GPRS200 to 10086, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cencel it
China Unicom
  • 5 RMB for 30M each month. Want this? Send "GPRS05" to 10010, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it.
  • 15 RMB for 100M each month. Want this? Send "GPRS15" to 10010, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it.
  • 40 RMB for 300M each month. Want this? Send "GPRS40" to 10010, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it.
  • 80 RMB for 500M each month. Want this? Send "GPRS80" to 10010, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it.
  • 100 RMB for 1000M each month. Want this? Send "GPRS100" to 10010, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it.
  • 200 RMB for 2000M each month. Want this? Send "GPRS200" to 10010, send "QXGPRS" if you want to cancel it.
  • You can visit here for more detail.
Note for ChinaMobile and ChinaUnicom
  • The extra flow will change you 1RMB/M, and if your SIM card is bought in Guangdong province, for example, and it will charge you 1RMB/M if you leave Guangdong province.
  • The plan starts immediately when you order it, and if you cancel it, which will be indeed canceled from the next supposed charge date.
  • Make sure there is no quotation when you send the message.

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升级你的iPhone OS到3.0吧

iPhone OS 3.0 早早已经release了, 但是由于破解还没有出来, 所以迟迟不敢更新. 3.0 增加了很多很酷的功能, 具体可以参考<a href= “http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/” >官网的介绍. 现在破解已经出来了, 按照以下的步骤, 你就可以尽情享受3.0带来惊喜了!

  1. 将iPhone连接到iTunes上, 然后在"摘要"页面点击"更新", 此时iTunes就会下载更新软件并自动安装到你的iPhone, 由于软件比较大(两百多兆)所以这个过程比较漫长. 同时这个OS还需要iTunes版本在8.2以上, 如果你的iTunes版本低于8.2, iTunes会要求你更新, 这时就乖乖地听它的话吧!
  2. 系统更新完会自动重启. 完了一个新的软件Voice Memos赫然出现在我面前, 玩弄了一下发现操作简单,音质不错, 然后再瞄了一下短讯功能, 发现打开短讯速度有所进步, 而且增加的复制粘帖功能更体现其人性化. 但是有使用Cydia软件的用户会发现Cydia不见了, 如果你需要用到这个软件, 就要将iPhone刷一次了
  3. 刷机需要破解的工具redsn0w, 下面提供了下载redsn0w_0.7.1.zip的地址, 打开redsn0w, 它需要导入一个ISPW的文件, 这个文件在刚刚更新iPhone的时候已经产生并放置在username/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates里(MacOS用户, 至于Windows用户的ISPW估计路径也差不多), 若文件夹里面有几个ISPW文件, 请选择最新版本的iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ispw文件, 然后按照提示进行破解即可.

下面提供下载redsn0w的地址, 链接地址取自http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/126908912

适用于Mac 操作系统

适用于Windows 操作系统

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