Web Wednesday March: Making your splash in the iPhone App Store

Web Wednesday March: Making your splash in the iPhone App Store
Web Wednesday三月:在iPhone程序商店中寻找惊喜

iPhone has changed the way we think about cell phones, and with the App Store, a whole new industry has developed within the past 2 years. Apps, especially the game apps make people crazy about them.

iPhone彻底颠覆了我们对手机的看法,过去的两年里应用程序商店作为一种全新的产业进入了 人们的视野。应用程序,特别是游戏应用程序已经让人们为之疯狂。

As more and more Chinese have iPhone, iPhone games have become more and more popular in China. This month’s Web Wednesday, Peter Tam, CTO of iNFOiSLive and Gameislive,  gave us a great speech about the current situation of iPhone App Store in China-market.

由于越来越多的中国人拥有iPhone,iPhone游戏在中国越来越受欢迎。本月的Web Wednesday,我们请来了拉阔资讯有限公司(iNFOiSLive 和Gameislive)的技术总监谭止诚来给我们谈谈中国iPhone应用程序商店的市场现状。

Before start

Peter founded his company with a friend after he got his doctorate in US. His company is an international developing IT outsourcing services provider based on Apple system. They develop software, games and ring tone for mobile phones, especially for iPhone.

Peter在美国博士毕业以后就和朋友创办了自己的公司。这家公司 是一家快速发展的国际化信息技术服务外包公司。他们以苹果系统作为服务平台,为手机,特别是iPhone,设计软件、游戏和铃声。

Peter is talking

Here are some interesting things mentioned by Peter:


iPhone games will be translated into English most of the time, but not into other languages. Games always have English version or its local language + English version. Games with only local language version are very rare. Are all the developers good at English? The fact is most of the users are English users. Of course, even the registration of iPhone developer is in English.

大部分时候,iPhone游戏会被翻译成英文,而不是翻译成其他的语言。大部分游戏都只有英文 版本或者本地语言+英文版本。只有本地语言版本的游戏是非常罕见的。开发者的英文都那么棒吗?其实是因为大部分使用者都是英文使用者。当然了,连 iPhone开发者登记都是使用英文的。



Online mobile RPG is more popular in China than other countries. And RPG games are hard to translate into English.


Some iPhone App development company have a wired strategy. Most of the App’s names starts from character “A”, Awful Hand, Alien Crisis...This is a traditional A naming strategy in these companies. Unfortunately, most iPhone players will search for App by Top10, not by the name sorted.

有些iPhone应用程序开发公司有一个非常古怪的策略。大部分的应用程序的英文名字第一个字母都是A,Awful Hand,Alien Crisis……这是这类公司传统的“A命名策略”。但很不幸的是,大部分的iPhone玩家都是通过搜索应用程序排行榜上前十位来选择游戏的,而不是根据名字。


Peter and audience

Low price and low quality games are on sell in China. The result is losing money and ruining the market.

People like jailbreak game in China.




Q: Once you put the game on App Store, there will be some SHANZHAI appears. Even when you sell weapons, it will be the same. How can you deal with it?

问:当你把游戏防盗应用程序商店里面,你不怕有山寨版出现吗?就算你是卖装备,也是会这样啊。你怎么 解决这个问题呢?

A: We have a certain account to receive the money. If people choose the SHANZHAI version or pay through the SHANZHAI store, they still can not use it. Because our system doesn’t receive the money, so it would not give you anything.

答:我们有固定的账户来收钱的。如果人们玩山寨版,通过山寨商店买装 备,他们仍然不能玩。因为我们的系统没有收到钱,就不会发出指令让你得到任何装备。

Philip is talking

Writer’s Note


Wind of iPhone blew into China a few months ago. More than half audiences of Web Wednesday March have iPhone. Now, you can find more and more guys playing games with iPhone in the metro in the morning. You can find the boys playing Doodle Jump at the lunch time in Kudelabs. That’s why we put this topic on top.

iPhone的热潮几个月前就已经吹到了中国。三月Web Wednesday的活动上,过半数的观众都有iPhone。现在,你会发现越来越多的人在地铁上用iPhone玩游戏。你也会发现Kudelabs的男 孩们在吃午饭的时候都在玩Doodle Jump。这就是我们要讲这个话题的原因。

After a sufficient promotion online, this Web Wednesday was full of audiences. Most of the audiences are developers. And one is the author of Fun Input Toy, a famous free input method of Mac OS, Feng Huajun came and shared with us. We don’t know what would attract them most, technology, iPhone or games. But, no matter what, we are happy to see the family of Web Wednesday grows bigger and bigger.

经过了网络上充分的宣传,这次的Web Wednesday坐满了观众。大部分的人都是开发者。甚至Mac OS著名的免费输入法:F.I.T.(Fun Input Toy)的作者华君也到了现场和我们分享。我们不知道是什么吸引他们来的,是技术,iPhone还是游戏?不过,无论如何,我们都非常高兴看到Web Wednesday大家庭越来越兴旺。

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Software Engineering Intern - 2010

Kude Labs (酷德实验室) is a growing software development firm focused on building high quality web applications. Our office is located in a re-decorated villa in the Guangzhou Dong Shan Kou area (广州市东山口). Two of us are from Silicon Valley, California, with extensive technical startup experience; the rest of the team is from various parts of China. Our focus is the development, testing, and management of web based software. We work with an international group of designers, consultants, and corporations on projects around the world. Most of the work we have completed for clients is not publicly available, but we also do public web projects on our own.
We pride ourselves in building a strong team environment where we work together to solve difficult problems. Our philosophy is to allow developers the freedom to get the job done while continuing to learn about new technologies and techniques. We happily use Linux and MacOS, as well as Windows and enjoy the best equipment we can get our hands on. We live in the world of open source, both using and contributing to projects like Eclipse, Rails and Prototype.
We are happy to offer internship positions for students looking to improve their skills and gain some practical experience working on real-world projects. Intern positions are part time and can transition into a full time position after graduation. The majority of our full-time employees joined our team first as interns.

1. Software Development Intern- Web Applications, Ruby on Rails

We are looking for smart software engineers with experience and interest in Web applications. We develop in Ruby on Rails with a distributed team partly in China, partly in the US.

Ideal candidates would have:

  • Outstanding analytical thinking and software design skills
  • Computer Science background, or other Engineering degree and significant programming experience
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails, or possibly other Web App framework and ability to learn quickly
  • Experience using Linux or some other flavor of Unix
  • Deep understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Experience with modern Javascript and AJAX techniques
  • Good written and oral communications skills
  • Open-minded and willing to share ideas with others
  • Self-motivated, cheerful, friendly, upbeat outlook
2. Software Testing Intern - Web applications
We are also looking for smart QA engineers for testing the Web Applications we develop.
Ideal candidates would have:
  • Outstanding analytical thinking abilities
  • Patient and precise work style
  • Engineering background
  • Experience with open source tools
  • Some experience using Linux or some other flavor of Unix
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Self motivated and able to work independently
  • Nonjudgemental, welcoming attitude

To Apply:

Please send an ENGLISH letter of interest, references and resume to: intern2010@kudelabs.com.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you as a part of the Kudelabs family.


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Web Wednesday January: Is Google going to quit China?

On Jan 13, according to a blog post from David Drummond, Google's senior vice president of corporate development and its Chief Legal Officer, the company will no longer censor its search results.

1月13日,谷歌的合作发展高级副总裁及高级法律顾问David Drummond在他的博客上发文说,谷歌将不在过滤他们的搜索结果。

We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down Google.cn, and potentially our offices in China.


But few days later, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said “We love China and the Chinese people”.

然而,几天以后,谷歌的总裁Eric Schmidt却大喊:“我们爱中国,我们爱中国人民”

It is a big news for the internet of China. But if it really comes true, Google.cn quit China, it would impact a lot of Chinese users, specially the foreigners who are in China. And it also means Google would walk away from a huge potential market with more than 300 millions internet users.


Of course we all know the result, but it is one of the hottest topics for the recent days. So Web Wednesday held a special debate which you've never seen before, on "Is Google going to quit China". We had Adeh, John Courtney, Swearl Li as our main debaters. Billy Huang took a place as emcee. All the audiences could share their mind at anytime.

当然,最后的结果谁都知道,但这是时下最热门的话题的之一。为此,Web Wednesday特地举办了一次关于“谷歌真的要离开中国吗”的讨论,这是你从来没有见过的。我们由Adeh Desandies,John Courtney和Swearl Li来充当我们的辩论者,Billy Huang担任主持。所有的观众都可以随时发言。



Here is the review

A: Adeh 阿德


Grew up in Silicon Valley and worked for various startup companies. Now he is an Engineering Manager for a web development company.

J: John Courtney


IT consultant for a factory owned by a Taiwan based manufacturer. He is working on a web-based application platform start-up that will be launching in a few months.

S: Swearl Li 黎志华


Technical Director of Guangzhou Integrated Image Co., Ltd.(fotoe.com), focusing on PHP+MYSQL development for over 5 years. He's also a Bemani geek, operator of Guangzhou Bemani Club wiki.

B: Billy Huang

B: What do you think about Google will quit China?

J: It is a really big market here in China. I can't see any good on business if Google quit. Google's market share is growing in a speed of 3% every year. They would not give up this market.

J: 中国是如此一个偌大的市场,我看不出如果谷歌退出了在商业利益上有什么好处。Google的市场份额每年都在以3%的速度增长,他们不可能放弃这个市场的。

S: Google is a big company, she wouldn't quit that easy.

S: 谷歌是一家大公司,不会这么容易离开的。

A: It is totally not wise that Google wants to quit China. They claimed that the law against their business. But they are doing business in China, so they should play with the rule. It happens even you are doing business in the other country.

A: 谷歌想退出中国,这确实不太理智。他们声称中国的法律与他们的生意相悖,不过他们要在中国做生意就应该遵守这里的规矩。其实在其他的国家,你也必须这样。



E: What will happen on you if Google really quit China?

J: There is a lot of searching engine people can choose, like Baidu, Yahoo... Finally, we can figure out so many ways to deal with it. Also, Google.cn disappeared doesn't mean Google.com doesn't exist.

J: 其实还有很多的搜索引擎人们可以使用的,例如百度,雅虎等等。我们最后还是能够找出很多不同的办法来应付。而且,Google.cn 消失了并不意味着 Google.com 不存在了。

E: There are a lot of anti-firewall softwares. You can reach Google.com eventually.

E: 现在有很多翻墙软件的,始终,你都可以访问Google.com。

S: For me it is almost no difference. I use Google, but I can get rid of it. Using software to cross the firewall means I need to take one more step to reach Google.com. The only thing I miss would be Google Reader. If I use anti-firewall software, it should be for Google Reader.

S: 对我来讲,就没有多大的区别了。我用谷歌,不过我可以用它。如果要用软件来翻墙,那么我就要多做一步才能开启到Google.com。谷歌的服务我只会怀念Google Reader。如果我要翻墙的话,那么也只会在用Google Reader的时候。

Audience: I think if Google quit, I would use Baidu. Even now, I use Baidu, ecause all Baidu's search results can be opened. Unfortunately, in Google’s results, there are too many blocked website like YouTube.



A: It is a bad news for me if all the Google services are gone. I need to use VPN to open my Google Docs, check Google Maps etc. We need a global platform to share with the rest of the world easily.

A: 如果谷歌的服务业退出了,对我来讲是一个坏消息。我要用VPN才能开我的Google Docs,查看Google Maps等等。我们需要一个全球化的平台,让我们更容易地和世界其他角落的人们分享。

S: You can use WPS! A lot of people in the north of China use it. It has been on the market for so many years. Just one problem, it is in Chinese. Would you use it if there is an English vision?

S: 你可以用WPS啊。在北方有很多人用。 它在市场上已经很多年了。不过就有一个问题,那是中文的。如果有英文版本你会用嘛?

A: Yes, I would use when it is in English and work after Google Docs's gone.

A: 会啊。Google Docs没有了以后,而且他有英文和真的好用的话,我会用它。



E: What will happen on China Internet if Google really quit China?

J: Here I am a bit curious. Why the Chinese people miss Google so much? I mean there are a lot of replacements in China. I don’t see any difference. I want to ask a question to the audiences. Do you guy use Baidu just for searching MP3?

J: 我有一些好奇。为什么中国这么多人舍不得谷歌?我的意思是,国内市面上有这么多的替代品。我个人没有感觉到有什么不一样。我想问观众一个问题,你们使用百度都只是用来搜索MP3嘛?

(Some of the Audience said YES!)


A: Even now, I can not visit Facebook or something like that easily to connect with my family abroad.

A: 就算是现在,我也不能用Facebook或者类似的东西和我国外的家人取得联系。

S: For Chinese, we use QQ and other Chinese software more. They are all unblocked.

S: 对于中国人来说,我们用QQ或者其他国内的软件更多一些。他们并没有被阻挡。



E: Is this whole thing about “don’t be evil” or just a business operation?

A: Seems the Chinese people like Google a lot. Is there someone thinking that “Yes, we finally kick Google out of China. Yes!”? Why?

A: 似乎中国的朋友们都非常喜欢谷歌。会有人认为“我们终于把谷歌赶出中国了,太棒了”,有人这样觉得嘛?为什么?

Audience: Yes. I saw some posts on forums. These people don't want Google to bother them by criticizing Chinese internet. They already know Chinese internet is not as free as what the foreigners expect, but they think the people who build this wall have their reasons. Every government has her own right to protect her people and these people believe so. They think they don't need Google or anyone else to tell them about this.

观众: 当然有。我看到有些论坛上有这样的帖子。这些人不想谷歌来对中国的互联网指手画脚影响他们。他们自己也知道中国的互联网没有外国人所希望的那样自由,不过他们觉得建立这样的防护网的人终究有他们的理由。每个政府都有她的权利去保护自己的人民,而且这些人也相信这点。在他们看来,他们不需要谷歌或者其他的人来告诉他们这件事。

J: Google claim that they want to leave because there were some hackers want to steal user's information from their system. Like some audiences said, they think Google are safer than others now. In my opinion, every website in every country would have a chance to be attacked by hackers. Not only in China. It is ridiculous for Google to say this. I consider this as a business operation. At least it attracts some Chinese, who never use Google before, to click on their website.

J: 谷歌声称他们想要离开时因为有些黑客进入他们的系统来盗窃用户资料。就像有些观众所说,他们现在觉得谷歌比别的网站更为安全了。在我看来,各个国家不同的网站都会有机会受到黑客袭击。不仅仅在中国。谷歌这样说非常的奇怪。我会把这当作商业炒作。至少它吸引了一些从来没有用过谷歌的用户点击他们的网站。



Writer's Note

Different people have different opinion. Here, we have a foreigner, who is hard to get rid of Google, even he has been in China for 7 years. We have other foreigners, who are new here, willing to seek for replacement after Google left. We have a local IT guy, who gets used to domestic products and doesn't like using software to cross firewall. We also have Google's big fans, who update their software every day to cross the firewall.


This is what we want to bring to the audiences. This is Web Wednesday.

这就是我们想要给观众带来的东西。这就是Web Wednesday。


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Web Wednesday December: The Emergence of Game as a Service

On 12.23, surrounding by the warmth air of Christmas, we had Web Wednesday December's fans gathered round to in Paddy Field. We also had a guest speaker Leslie Lee to give us a talk about the Game as a Service.

12月23日,在浓厚的圣诞气氛当中,Web Wednesday的粉丝相聚在田野西餐厅。我们也请来了本期的演讲嘉宾Leslie Lee,就游戏服务谈谈他自己的看法。

WWGZ December - Leslie Lee: The Emergence of Games as a Service

Leslie Lee, Project Manager of Gameislive, got himself in the field of mobile value-added service since 2004. He is an expert in value-added industry, has operated a lot of well-known games, including Changjiang VII Mobile, Xuanyuan Sword Mobile. For now, he is the Operating Director of Mobile MMORPG: Empire OL.

Leslie Lee(李永坚),拉阔游戏(Gameislive)项目经理,从04年起涉足手机增值业务领域,对增值业务市场极其熟悉,曾成功运营《长江七号手机版》、《轩辕剑手机版》等多个著名品牌游戏,现为大型手机网游《帝国OL》运营总监。


From digital revolution to online game, from mobile gaming to Free-To-Play, Pay-For-Items Model, Leslie showed us how and why the game as a service can work well and talked about the market potential of the mobile gaming.



After the profound speech, it seems like most of the people are interested in game, last night we got the most active Q&A section that we never had for this 6 month.



Q&A excerpts:

Q: What are you doing in your company? I mean what exactly is your job?

A: It seems I really doing everything. Designing, proposal, character setting, testing... And also... hum...cleaning.

WWGZ December - Leslie Lee: The Emergence of Games as a Service

Q: You said you are working on mobile game, can you show it to us? Can I pick up my phone and try? Dose your game fit every model of the mobile phone?

A: I already have a video of the game. I can show you now. If you want to play, you can download from WAP. I can not guarantee that our game can work on every mobile. But we will try our best. For now, I can tell most of the mobile can play our game. And also, we are working on iPhone version. You can play our game on your iPhone in 3 months.

Q: How long your company spend on the game? How many people you use? For a developer like me, I barely spend time on game. How can you convince me to play your game?

A: It is hard to tell how long. But from the idea to product's coming out, we spent almost a year. Our game is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online role-playing-games). As I said before, our target is the people who like games. Convincing a people who didn't play games is really difficult. Here is a little advice from you, if you want to play our game. First of all, you can try some casual games. Then you can play on-line game. Finally, you find yourself really like games then you can try to play our game.

WWGZ December - Leslie Lee: The Emergence of Games as a Service

Q: Can you tell me how many players play your game?

A: It is a secret, but I want to share with you. It is about 10,000. Maybe it is a small number like 1% when you compare to the PC game. But for the mobile game, this is a considerable number.

WWGZ December - Leslie Lee: The Emergence of Games as a Service

Writer's Note

According to the scene I met Leslie last night, he is a really shy young man who likes to keep low profile. He came into the restaurant, sat down quietly, set up his laptop and then prepared himself. I didn't notice our speaker was sitting there. Even when he was in the interview, you still can feel the shyness through the camera. How can you imagine he is in charge of the things which can make people have fun?

Under the cover of shyness, there should be some enthusiasm and conscientiousness. They make him succeed.

Christmas Eve!Hope you can have a good day. Merry X'mas!





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Rowspan Supported Table Sorting with Prototype

When I was working with tablesort, I realized that it doesn't support sorting cells with rowspan. And really, fewer table sorting javascript lib support this feature. It's known that table with rowspan attribute is a really messed up structure. It drove my crazy at the first time when I am writing a script to generate this kind of table.

But it would be very cool to support js sorting on rowspan cells! So I patched tablesort to support it. The idea is simple:

1) get rows that either with rowspan cell(s) or wihout rowspan cell at all and not after row with rowspan cell(s);

2) attached SUB-ROWS to row with rowspan cell(s);

3) sort rows get from step 1);

4) append rows get from step 1) to the table; and for each one, append the SUB-ROWS attached to it after.

One small issue left is that since we only sort rows get from step 1), we lose the sorting ability on SUB-ROWS. But I think that would be too difficult to support, and from my project, we happened not want to sort those SUB-ROWS, so I leave it for future. :)

Check the project out on my github. There is also a full demo available.

Posted by Shaokun 03 Dec 2009 at 06:37AM

Web Wednesday November: Mobile Marketing Insight China

Let's look back, Web Wednesday was always in English, because half of our audiences are foreigners. To make this event more easier for local IT people and make Web Wednesday GZ become more localizable, we made a daring attempt this time: invite a local IT company's CEO to give us a Mandarin presentation. Of cause, there was a translator following the speaker for our fans who don't speak Chinese.
回顾一下以往,由于半数的观众都是外国朋友,Web Wednesday一直以来都是使用英文的。为了使更多的本地IT人更容易理解,为了让“Web Wednesday 广州”变得更加本地化,这次我们做了一个非常有意义的新尝试:邀请一位本地IT公司的CEO为我们做一场中文的讲座。当然,活动也为我们暂时还没听得懂中 文的粉丝们准备了即时翻译。
Our guest speaker is Patrick Ding, CEO of MMCLICK, who is the senior expert in new media marketing. He has over 10 years operating experience in internet and wireless value-added services. Patrick Ding is also special lecturer of South China University of Technology and Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai campus.
这次的演讲者是MMCLICK的CEO:丁志峰先生(Patrick Ding)。他是资深新媒体营销人,拥有超过10年的网络及无线增值业务的运营经验。丁先生同时也是华南理工大学和北京师范大学珠海校区的特别讲师。
As an expert of mobile marketing, Patrick started with the concept of the mobile marketing. He showed us some numbers to remind us that almost everybody gets a mobile in China. 700,000,000, this is an amazing number of mobile phone user. That's why the mobile marketing is a wide-spread way to make promotion. The advantages of mobile marketing is quit obvious which make it better than the traditional media marketing. 
作为无线营销方面的专家,Patrick以介绍无线营销的概念作为开篇。他用一些数字来提醒我们:中国拥有7亿手机使用者,几乎每一个人都有手机。7亿, 这是一个多么令人惊讶的数字,也是为什么无线营销是一个覆盖面非常广的推广手段。无线营销的优点是如此明显,甚至优于传统的媒体营销。
Web Wednesday Guangzhou November 2009 - Patrick Deng
Then he told us the importance of getting the phone number from consumers in a legal way and this is also the difference between WAP and the Internet. Patrick is an active speaker compared to some traditional speakers would like to speak at great length. He asked the audiences a lot of interactive and funny questions to make what he meant more understandable. Even though the question had been through a translation could not make them lose their splendor. After some deep introduction, Patrick shared 3 real cases that he came across to make an end of the speech.


Q&A excerpts:

Q: On your PPT, you said you guys have over 30,000,000 active mobile phone users. What does this number mean? Is this the number that people click "Yes" on the WAP?

A: Actually, it is number of each day's traffic statistics we gather. We have a system to follow up this number. It means that people who visit the WAP, not the people who say "Yes".



Q: Talking about the mobile phone, iPhone has come into China and the China Unicom gets the permission of selling it. What is your idea on 3G in China? 

A: I think it is too early to talk about 3G. Everybody want to have a 3G life in China, but the service of 3G is not well prepare for us. We want to download games, we want to listen to music easily, we want to have different application softwares.... We want to do a lot. That is why we need 3G. But when we look into the WAP or anything related to 3G, now, unfortunately, we can not do all we exactly want to do. Of course, to me, China Unicom have already done a great job on iPhone and 3G. We must have faith in the 3G in China because it will definitely become better and better. It is just not a right time to give some idea on it before we feel the real 3G.
答:我想现在来谈3G有点为时过早。大家都想在国内拥有3G生活,不过3G服务还没有准备好。大家都想下载游戏,都想听音乐更方便,都想用不同的应用程序 等等。大家都想做很多事情。这就是为什么我们需要3G。不过当我们仔细观察手机网站或者一些与3G相关的服务,很抱歉,现在我们还没能够做到我们真正想要 做到的全部。当然,对我来说,联通在iPhone和3G上已经做得很好了。我们要对中国的3G有信心,因为这肯定对变得越来越好的。只是在我们真体验到 3G生活之前,这还不是一个适合给出意见的时间。
Web Wednesday Guangzhou November 2009 - Patrick Deng


Some feature:
  • Patrick is a really nice guy. He brought us some books of wireless advertisement as gifts for the audiences.
  • Patrick人非常好,他带了基本手机广告的书作为礼物送给现场观众。



  • An audience performed some magic trick of poker and fooled everyone.
  • 一位观众用扑克牌为大家表演魔术,欺骗了大家的眼球

Web Wednesday Guangzhou November 2009 - Patrick Deng

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Web Wednesday October: JiaJunPeng, your mama is calling you to attend Web Wednesday GZ

Same as usual, Web Wednesday GZ was held on Oct 28th, the last Wednesday of October. Speakers this time are two successful young IT Chinese back from oversea, Junde Yu and Rex Huang. They presented in detail, 2 case studies of Internet/Social Media Marketing/ in China. Let's review these interesting topics.

10月28日,Web Wednesday GZ 与以往一样在十月最后一个星期三举行。而此次的演讲者是两位成功的海归IT才俊——Junde YuRex Huang。他们现场讲解了对于中国的网络及社会化媒体营销两项案例的研究。
Rex Huang & Junde Yu

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Web Wednesday Guangzhou September: Mathias Lin gives some tips on Open Source Software

On September 30th, a day before an eight-days long National Holiday, Mathias Lin, as the guest speaker of this month, gave us a talk about Open Source Software (OSS). Unfortunately, on this special day, most of the people absented to gain more time for the long way back home or trip. So it wasn’t too crowded this time, but the people who stay with us were really big fans of Web Wednesday. Thanks all of the people who always supporting us, no matter they were there by person or especially click to this page now to check out this review.

9月30 日,8日国庆长假来临的前夕,这天,担任本月客席主讲的Mathias Lin与我们共同探讨开源软件。 遗憾的是,在这特殊的一天,大部分的人都必须为他们回家的漫长旅途或者长途旅行争取一些时间,以至于他们非常可惜地不能参 与。所以本次的活动并不是像往常一样人头涌涌,不过那些能够留下来和我们一起的观众确实是Web Wednesday的超级粉丝。感谢所有一直支持我们的人,无论是能够亲身到来的朋友,还是现在特别点击这个页面来看看活动回顾的朋友。



Back to the review of the Web Wednesday.

让我们正式回到Web Wednesday回顾这个主题吧。

Our guest speaker Mathias is founder and managing director at SYSVISION Ltd. (Hong Kong) as well as Vice President, Products & Technologies at SYSVISION USA, Inc. He gave us a good speech about OSS.




To make the audiences learn easier, Mathias Lin started his topic with the introduction of OSS. He told us the technical and function definition of OSS by showing the differences in the excerpted, between Windows XP and GNU Public License. In general, Open Source Software is the software with no-maximum legal licence, and also you can see or use the source code. He help people to redefine the concept of “Free” to tell the differences between Free Software and Open Source Software. Here is the “Free” he metioned:

为了让观众们更容易理解,Mathias Lin以介绍开源软件作为他演讲主题的开端。并以Windows XP与GNU Public License说明书上的不同作为例子,为我们阐述了OSS在技术上和操作程序上的定义。总的来说,开源软件就是一个没有合法使用权限人数上限,并且让你 能够看见甚至使用它们的源代码的软件。Mathias帮助人们修正免费的概念,以此来区分免费软件开源软件。以下就是他提到的“免费”的内容:

Aaron and Alice

Aaron and Alice

What is free?

1. Free as in beer ($)

2. Free as in freedom (gnu.org):

–Freedom to modify, fix, and redistribute
–Freedom from corporate control
–Freedom of expression
–Plus freedom to integrate, freedom from ads

3. Freedom from vendor lock-in…

All open source software is cost-free, but not all cost-free software is open source.


1. 免费,和免费啤酒一样

2. 免费,获得使用自由


3. 没有了厂商对使用内容锁定,拥有了自由


Freedom from the “Free” is what Mathias pointed out. He also showed us some OSS in use and made a simple introduction.


He also shared the benefit of OSS and how to build a business model afterward.


Open source has practical benefits for all:

–“Better”: More stable, secure, interoperable
–You can make a difference
–Little or no licensing cost, upgrade costs
–Good community support, direct line to developers
–Lower system requirements
–Vendor independence





Most of the developers will think it is insane to let people know their mystery code for free. But Mathias explained that there is motivation for developers to work on OSS. In his opinion, for 4 reasons, developers would give it away: the benefit from previous work of others; better software, when others can fix it; many hands make light work; part of the business model. Because of the good feelings from any volunteerism, the respect, fame, pride in one’s creation etc, working for free would become reality to some developers.

大部分的开发者都会觉得让其他人免费知道他们的神奇代码是非常傻的一件事。不过,Mathias解 释道,对于开发者来说,是有一定的动力去驱使他们去做开源 软件的开发的。他认为,有四个原因开发者会让人家去了解他们的神奇代码:首先是他们自己能够得益于前人的工作;另外,当有其他人可以维护的时候,就会有更 好的软件;人多力量大,工作更轻松;最后,这也是一种商业模式。基于任何一个志愿者都会产生满足感,而且,自己从创作能够得到了尊重、声望、与骄傲,等等 这些原因,对一些开发者来说免费的劳动也会成为现实。

Little, Jev and Cici

Little, Jev and Cici

Moreover, Mathias also mentioned some problems and obstacles in OSS. Before the Q&A, he listed some current status and trends of OSS.


Photos by: Cecilia and Aaron

摄影: Cecilia and Aaron

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LargeType2 - A New Utility for your Mac

LargeType Example

Dominic Yu, a friend of Kude Labs, has just released a new piece of software that we'll call LargeType2. Its a handy little service that just blows up selected text. It is really easy to use in 10.6 Snow Leopard, where services are accessible from the right-click contextual menu.

I know I'll be using it for things like chatting in Chinese, where small fonts make characters hard for me to distinguish. Thanks to Dominic for releasing this to the public. We look forward to more great software.

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Problems I've met after upgrading to Snow Leopard

I upgraded my Mac OS X Leopard to Snow Leopard a couple days ago. Everything seems to be fine, system runs faster than before in general. But a couple of softwares doesnt work compatible with SL.

The 1st one is mysql, after upgrading, it's completely gone, I just cannt find it. Then I try to reinstall it with macport, but zlib doesnt work with SL too! So, install mysql manually may be the best way.

Solution: Compiling MySQL on Snow Leopard

The 2nd one is mysql-gem. When I wanna reload db, it shows "uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes" error. To fix this, specify ARCHFLAGS when you install the 'mysql' gem:

sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-config=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config

refer to: Error: uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes

The 3rd one is thin-gem. Well, easy to fix:

sudo gem update thin

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