Check out svn project in Mac

Check out svn project in Mac

Are you guys just transfer from Windows to Mac, which need to check out project from svn? If yes, this post may help you when checking out project in Mac by using terminal.

  • Step 1: Maybe better to build a folder which can save your project

<pre>jack-pandemacbook:~ Jackchen$ mkdir workspace/</pre>

  • Step 2: Then go to the folder which you just created, and the project will be saved in this folder later

<pre>jack-pandemacbook:~ Jackchen$ cd workspace/</pre>

  • Step 3: Get project from svn by enter: svn co svn+ssh://…, which “…” is your project where located

<pre>jack-pandemacbook:~ Jackchen$ svn co svn+ssh://</pre>

The following is important, if the account is fit your username in .ssh, it’s will be easy, just enter the psw of your account and then you can get the project, but if no(Your .ssh username is and your svn account is, there is 2 ways to solve it:

  • Enter command with username:

    <pre>jack-pandemacbook:~ Jackchen$ svn co --username svn+ssh://</pre>
  • Change the username in .ssh, also there are several steps to do it: Before go to .ssh, you have to back to the root by: cd ..
    1. Then go to .ssh: cd .ssh
    2. Then type: pico config
    3. Then type: User jacket
    4. Then save and exit by using Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X
  • Step 4: OK, right now, you can enter your password without warning “Permission denied, please try again.” , and enjoy!

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在中国, 哪些应用程序能够更好地帮助你使用Mac呢?

原址文章 – English Version

这篇文章的灵感来自于我们公司越来越多的Mac追随者, 至今为止, 已经有5个人在使用并享受其中.

Mac本身自带有不少很好的软件, 但仍然不足以满足我们的需求. 例如中文输入法就是其中一个, 它在MacOS X里的表现平平. 另外一个表现逊色的就是播放不同格式的video. 然而幸运的是, 现在有很多免费的小软件都可以弥补它的这些不足. 我认为以下软件都是不错的选择, 不过如果你有更好地选择或者有任何建议, 请慷慨地给我们留言.


FIT Logo
Fun Input Toy – 这个拼音输入法明显优于MacOS X内置的ITABC拼音输入法. 如果你需要智能的中文输入法, 那FIT Input Toy无疑是你首选. 同时, 基于iPhone的中文输入软件WeFIT也是由这个团队开发的.

QIM Logo
IMQIM – 黄金标准的中文输入法. 这个软件要16美元(RMB109.2元), 不过它真的很不错, 它拥有智能整句输入, 能够帮助你快速输入. 因此, 对于大部分时间都在输入中文的人来说, 这是值得投资的.


Perian Logo
Perian – 这个插件使自带的Quicktime Player更加强大. 当安装完perian以后, 几乎所有的视频格式都可以播放. 这相当棒, 因为QT Player集成在OS里面, 同时也是最好的播放器之一, 而perian又作为QT Player的插件, 因此它们的结合是相当完美的.

VM Logo
Video Monkey – iPhone 最大的缺点就是不能播放你现有硬盘上的大部分视频, 其中包括AVI 和 WMV 格式视频文件. 然而Video Monkey可以帮助你解决这个难题, 它通过简单的方法转换成可以被播放的格式. 它可以转化大部分格式同时将视频文件转成iPhone或者iPod正好可以显示的size. 它甚至还可以将转换的文件直接导入iTune当中, 以便同步.

VLC – 当上面的视频工具对你来说都失效的话, VCL奏效. VCL能够播放任何东西. 但Quicktime Player的用户界面更加友好, 所以我并不建议把VLC作为首选, 除非实在是没有其他的办法.


Perian Logo
UnrarX – 基于某些原因, RAR已经成为中国标准的压缩文件的格式. UnrarX就是可以打开这种格式的应用程序. 这种短小精悍的软件绝对能够达到你的要求.

除此之外, 还有很多不错程序适用于Mac, 而且会越来越多的中国软件开发人员会发现, 支持Mac用户是一个很好的举措. 我记得Apple电脑曾经是一个传奇, 很少人会使用甚至看到Apple电脑, 只是某些人会偶尔听说关于它的消息. 在过去的5年里, Apple公司发生了爆炸性的变化, 那就是从iPods面世和风靡开始, 进而是iPhone和Macbook. 我期待着更多有用的软件能在这里诞生, 同时期待你的建议.

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Apps to help you use your Mac in China

View the Chinese Version of this article – 中文版

This post is inspired by the growing number of Switchers in our office. At this point we have 5 people using macs full time and loving it!

The Mac comes with some great software out of the box, there are still a few missing pieces. Chinese input, for one, is poor in MacOS X. Another issue is playing videos in various formats. Luckily, many of these holes can be solved with small pieces of free software, I hope to list the best ones here. Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments.

Chinese Input

FIT Logo
Fun Input Toy – Developed in Beijing, this pinyin input system is much better than the built in ITABC pinyin that comes with MacOS X. A MUST download if you want to type in Chinese. This is brought to us by the same team that makes the WeFIT chinese input system for the iPhone.

QIM Logo
IMQIM – The gold standard in chinese input. This one does cost $16, but it is really nice, with full intelligent sentence generation for super fast typing. For anyone who spends a lot of time typing in Chinese, this is worth your investment.

Playing Video

Perian Logo
Perian – This is a plugin that makes the built in Quicktime Player a powerhouse. After installing perian, pretty much any video format you can throw at it will just play without any fuss. This is great because QT Player is integrated into the OS, and has all the best scrubbing capability of any player out there.

VM Logo
Video Monkey – One of the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone is its refusal to play the videos that you actually have, namely the AVI and WMV files that you have on your hard drive that you may want to take with you. Video Monkey takes care of this by proving an easy way to reformat video. It can take almost any format and convert the file into the right size and format for your iPhone or iPod. It will even put it into your iTunes library for easy syncing.

VLC – when all else fails, VLC to the rescue. VLC can really play anything. The user interface for Quicktime Player is much better, so i don’t recommend using VLC full time, just when it won’t play anywhere else.

RAR Files

Perian Logo
UnrarX – For some reason, RAR has become a standard file format within China. UnrarX is the app to open up those files. Its a great little app that does exactly what you would expect.

There are many other excellent programs for the Mac, and finally more and more Chinese software developers are finding that supporting Mac users is a good move. I remember a time when Apple computers were a legend, something that some had heard of but few had ever seen. In the past 5 years, there’s been an explosion of Apple gear, starting with iPods and moving to iPhones and Macbooks. I look forward to seeing many more useful apps in this space, and to hearing your suggestions.

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Photos of the New Office

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The time has long past for IE6

Bring Down IE6Following a movement we started in twitter, there is more noise on the web about dropping support for IE 6. This time it comes from a respected web development magazine in the form of a well reasoned article: For our biggest sites, IE6 makes up 17-26% of the browser share. On this site, IE6 is only 7% (you guys can pat yourselves on the back).

It has long been our position that IE6 is a clearly inferior browser that should be banished. About a year ago, we started allowing some features to degrade, or perhaps not work as nicely in IE6, simply because IE6 can’t support what we want to do. The best example is transparent PNG, which IE should have supported in 5.5. The web would be a much more beautiful place now if it had.

We welcome and support the recent emergence of standards based competition in the browser market. With Webkit, (Chrome, Safari), Firefox, Opera, and even IE8, we look forward to a bright, progressive future in web development.

  • As members of your community, take the time to help someone move off of IE6.
  • As consultants, explain to clients why supporting IE6 is a waste of time.
  • And as developers, lets refuse to downgrade our work to appease the few stragglers.

With your help, we can make the world safe for our creations, and build a platform for innovation in the future.

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来自英国的Rails程序员Eifion Bedford正在收集Ryan Bates系列的文本形式的免费动态短片。这意味着他是精心抄写Ryan的著作,整理截图,您可以学习这些代码示例并复制和粘贴它们。这是一个很好的学习这些材料的途径,尤其对于非英语母语的人来说。他所称的ASCII Casts,是一个巨大的免费学习Ruby and Rails的额外材料。我推荐安全系列性能提示。感谢Eifon努力为我们描绘生动的网页开发世界。

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Railscasts in text form -

This is an update to my earlier post about Rails Screencasts .

British Rails developer Eifion Bedford is putting together a collection of Ryan Bates’ free Railscasts series in a text form. This means he is painstakingly transcribing Ryan’s words, putting together screenshots that you can learn from, and code examples that you can copy and paste. This is a great way to consume the material, especially if English is not your first language. The ASCII Casts, as he is calling them, are a great addition to the growing volume of free learning material for Ruby and Rails. I recommend the security series and the performance tips. Thanks to Eifon and his efforts to illuminate the wild world of web development!

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Hi guys, I’m writing this to share with you the joy of using ROR with Mysql on Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition.

First, we can get a latest free version of Ubuntu from here.
Please choose a desktop edition, because Server Edition is not containing a GUI for us which specializing in host side.

Well, after we have installed the newest Ubuntu, let’s try our ROR with Mysql development enviroment ASAP.
The official installing ROR site goes here, or you may need only type several commands as following:

1. Installing RUBY: <pre> sudo apt-get install ruby-full </pre> #‘ruby-full’ package will make sure you have all the packages that add up to a full Ruby installation.
2. Installing RUBYGEMS:<pre>wget tar xzvf rubygems-1.3.1.tgz cd rubygems-1.3.1 sudo ruby setup.rb sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/bin/gem </pre>
3. Installing RAILS and Mongrel:<pre> sudo gem install rails mongrel </pre> # yeah, ROR has been done here!

4. Installing MYSQL: <pre> sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client </pre>

It seemingly worked and I could start my rails projects, but when I tried to rake task, the system was just crashed and came out a result:"
!!! The bundled mysql.rb driver has been removed from Rails 2.2. Please install the mysql gem and try again: gem install mysql. rake aborted!"

Oops, let’s try to listen to it:
<pre>sudo gem install mysql </pre>
it failed:<pre>"Building native extensions. This could take a while... ERROR: Error installing mysql: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. /usr/bin/ruby1.8 extconf.rb install mysql

  • extconf.rb failed *
    Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of
    necessary libraries and/or headers. Check the mkmf.log file for more
    details. You may need configuration options."

    It made me feel quite irritating after I tried many times without efforts, but finally, the problem was solved by installing a package named libmysql-ruby1.8. This package is an API module that allows to access MySQL database from programs in Ruby programming language.

So let’s correct our step 4 to: <pre> sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client libmysql-ruby1.8</pre>

Cheers, we can really start our RAILS application now.

Last but not least, to make our default gnome-editor more useful as a programming IDE, we can try to install some plugins into gedit to make it like Textmate On Mac. e.g. there is an excellent project named gmate which included many plugins that we need indeed.

Please let me know when you still have any installing problems with ROR & MYSQL on Ubuntu.

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Kudelabs Vs the Roller Coaster

We took a company trip to Chime Long Amusement park earlier in the week. Some of my co-workers decided to hop on this little ride 3 times in a row. I bowed out after the first, thank you very much.

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Old Photos of Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton)

Google recently announced that they would be hosting a collection of photos from Life Magazine. Dan at the excellent China Law Blog pointed out that you can search through the pictures to find interesting stuff. A search for “Guangzhou” strangely doesn’t return any entries; but of course, when many of these pictures were published, this city was known as “Canton”. There are only about 200 results for Canton, but some of them are great pictures of the City. This is the search phrase that should give you the right results:

canton source:life

Shamain Island is clearly recognizable, and many of the street scenes must have been taken in the Renmin Nan Lu area. Some of my favorites:

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