Guangzhou (Canton City), China

Our office is in an old, dense neigbborhood in Guangzhou, China, a city of between 8 and 20 million people depending on how you count. Guangzhou is China's underrated hotbed of commerce and entrepreneurship, with a GDP per capita that is 50% higher than that of Beijing.

You can feel this buzz of activity as soon as you step out the door - it feels like a Jackie Chan movie. The rate of growth in Guangzhou is unprecedented, and watching the city go up around us inspires us every day to create bigger and better things. We work in a building with great views of the river and a large garden, so we get the benefits of a convenient modern city, but still hear birdsong outside our windows.

Guangzhou is also home to a rapidly developing tech community, with regular meet ups and a healthy startup environment. For more about Guangzhou's tech scene, check out these groups:

  • - A monthly developer's meetup, the smartest programmers in GZ.
  • gzruby - The Guangzhou Ruby user's group, meets every other month.
  • StartupGrind: Guangzhou - Monthly networking events for entrepreneurs and investors in Guangzhou.